Engineering Hangers

Carpenter & Paterson, Inc. offers an extensive range of products to meet various application needs. In addition to our commodity hangers and supports, we provide a comprehensive selection of Engineered Products designed for both static and dynamic support, including variable springs, constant springs, sway braces, and travelers.

Our restraint assemblies and devices are available in a wide variety of types, sizes, and configurations, allowing designers to choose the most suitable options for their specific applications, both technically and economically. Our restraint systems cover a broad range of load ratings and offer greater flexibility in field adjustment. We have also introduced a new series of restraint yoke clamps, featuring high-precision steel ball bushings and pins as standard components.

We have enhanced our hydraulic snubbers to better accommodate diverse application conditions, providing options that meet specific requirements.

Furthermore, our Variable Support is a spring-loaded device designed to support piping and other equipment with anticipated vertical movement. Available in five different Travel Series, it offers up to ten inches of movement, twenty-five different sizes, and can handle loads of up to 50,000 pounds. With seven different mounting types, we provide a comprehensive selection of configurations to accommodate virtually any hanger design.

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