About Us

Carpenter & Paterson, Inc., founded in Boston in 1908, operates in nine North American locations, offering plumbing specialties like our Witch brand pipe hangers. With over 200 employees, we serve diverse markets, providing engineered pipe supports for complex infrastructure systems. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction drives us to deliver excellence, including broad product lines, value-added engineering, project management, and on-time delivery.


Our mission is to provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective infrastructure solutions through our engineered pipe supports. Our products and engineering services cater to diverse markets such as power plants, medical centers, and renewable industries. With exceptional project management and on-time delivery, we prioritize our customers’ needs.

We value our workforce and prioritize their career advancement and engagement, reflecting our commitment to safety. Our focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and process improvement drives us to provide the best solutions possible.

Our Past

Founded in 1908 and incorporated in 1913, Carpenter & Paterson, Inc. has been a leading company in the pipe support industry for over a century. Originally located in the Boston area, Carpenter & Paterson has now expanded to eight locations across the United States and another in Canada.

In the 2000s, Carpenter & Paterson, Inc. became a member of the worldwide Pipe Supports Group. Since then, the company has been able to significantly expand its ability to provide high-quality products and services to its customers.

The product line has also expanded to include new lines of pipe supports and hangers, which have been widely used in both domestic and international construction projects, including oil & gas facilities, sports stadiums, and universities.


Bergen joined the Carpenter & Paterson team in 1964 to create the biggest, broadest, and most diversified engineered pipe supports and ancillary fabrication provider in North America.

Today Bergen and C&P are collectively called The Paterson Group and are a leader in engineered solutions as part of the Hill & Smith Plc group of companies that specialize not only in pipe hangers but also road safety, facility security, composite structures, and general infrastructure.

Bergen and C&P together are leading suppliers of made-to-order pipe hangers including Constant & Variable Springs, Clamps, Snubbers, and structural steel as well as engineering services, project management, world-class distribution, and impeccable customer service, and on-time delivery of large projects.



C&P is a leading provider of pipe support solutions for various industries, offering high-quality products and services tailored to meet specific project requirements. With over 20 years of experience, C&P is committed to innovation, sustainability, and environmental responsibility.