Variable Spring Support

The Variable Support is a spring loaded device used for the support of piping and equipment where normal vertical movement is anticipated.

Variable Supports are manufactured in five different Travel Series which allow up to ten inches of movement and twenty-five different sizes allowing up to 50,000 pounds of load.
Seven different mounting Types allow the user the widest selection of configurations to accommodate practically every hanger design.


  • Precompression – precompressing the spring coil into the hanger casing saves headroom by reducing the size of the casing, reducing the installed envelope size, and also weight and erection time.
  • Closed-coil spring casing design protects the coil from damage and weather.
  • Steel Construction – spring, casing, and internal parts are fabricated of steel making them rugged and compact. All welding is done to the strict requirements of ASME Section IX.
  • The Piston Plate serves as a centering device and guide to maintaining coil concentricity under normal operating conditions.
  • Load Indicators are visible in the slots and are clearly readable.
  • Stainless steel nameplates and travel scales are corrosion-resistant.
  • All spring hangers are calibrated for accurate loading conditions.
  • The unit is preset at the factory to the Cold Load upon request.
  • For each series, there is reserve travel at the upper and lower limits of the working range of the spring.
  • Allowable spring coil stresses conform to ANSI/MSS-SP-58.
  • Standard finish is a quality rust-resisting primer paint.
  • A turnbuckle or other suitable coupling is utilized for the adjustment of rod-type spring units. F-type springs utilize an adjustable load column.
  • All F-type units are supplied with a load flange.


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