Constant Spring Support

Constant springs are utilized to provide support for piping that experiences significant variations in movement and/or loading conditions, which would exceed the capabilities of a variable spring. The fundamental design of a constant support ensures a consistently applied force throughout the entire range of travel. This force remains constant due to the implementation of a counterbalancing spring assembly.

C&P and Bergen Pipe Supports have developed a constant spring hanger that ensures consistent supporting force throughout its entire range of travel. This innovative design incorporates a compression spring, lever, and spring tension rod to create a moment counterbalance around the main pivot pin. These constant spring hangers are crucial for systems with significant vertical thermal movements, critical stress conditions, or both. They are also utilized in specific locations to prevent load transfer between supports and connecting equipment like boiler nozzles or ductwork connections.


To place an order for Constant spring support, please provide the following details for each unit:

  1. Figure number: Specify the figure number corresponding to the desired Constant spring support.
  2. Hanger size: Indicate the appropriate size of the hanger.
  3. Type: Specify the type of Constant spring support required (A, B, C, etc.).
  4. Load: Provide the load capacity required for the unit.
  5. Actual travel: Specify the actual travel distance in inches.
  6. The direction of actual travel: Indicate whether the travel is from cold to hot or vice versa.
  7. Rod sizes: Specify the rod sizes in inches.
  8. Hanger mark number: Include the hanger mark number for identification purposes.
  9. For Type G orders, in addition to the above details, please specify the C-C (center-to-center) rod dimension, load per spring, and total load.
  10. If a Single Rod suspension is needed, please specify it; otherwise, a double-rod suspension will be provided by default.
  11. For corrosion-resistant units with galvanized coating and neoprene-coated coils, specify “C880V” or “C881H”.

To simplify the ordering process, a sample order form is available on page 49 of the catalog. You can make copies of the form and fill in the necessary information for ordering purposes.


  • Constant supports are made in two basic designs, the 880V (vertical design) and the 881H (horizontal design).
  • Both figures No. 880V and 881H are available to accommodate total travels from 1 1/2 ” to 20″ and loads from 27# to 87,500#.
  • The 881H – Type U Upthrust will accommodate total travels from 1 l/ ” to 12″ and loads from 30# to 27,195#.



  • Our Constant hangers are equipped with built-in upper and lower stops to prevent excessive travel beyond the specified range. A 10-position Hydrostop is also provided, painted red, that is used for hydrostatic testing, and presetting to the Cold load.
  • The Hydrostops are capable of supporting test loads equal to two times the operating loads. An instruction tag marked “ATTENTION” contains removal and, storage instructions for the Hydrostop and is attached to the spring cover.
Large Constant Spring Support



Once the size has been determined, the next step is to select the appropriate style of hanger that best meets the requirements of the site. There are two options to consider: the vertical 880V series (pages 16 to 31) or the horizontal 881H series (pages 32 to 48).

  • After deciding on the style, the next consideration is to choose the type of hanger that is most suitable for the available space and structural requirements. Both the 880V and 881H series offer Types A, B, C, D, and E.
  • For the 880V series, Types F and G are also available, while the 881H series offers Type U exclusively.
  • Refer to pages 4 through 5 for illustrations showcasing the different applications that can be accommodated.


In addition to the standard units, we provide several special hanger options to cater to our customer’s specific needs. The following pages and illustrations showcase these options. However, if you encounter an unusual design problem, our engineers will be pleased to assist you in finding a solution.

The standard units come with the following additional features:

  • Galvanized and stainless steel components with neoprene-coated coils for enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • Special paint options.
  • Special materials to meet specific requirements.
  • Special long travels, which are not depicted in the standard illustrations.
  • Special gap turnbuckles or load-bearing configurations.
  • Alternate top configurations.
  • Lifting lugs (refer to pages 6 and 7).

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