EMC Corp. Franklin, MA

Project Description

EMC Corp. is a prominent multi-national corporation specializing in the development, delivery, and support of information infrastructure and virtual infrastructure hardware, software, and services. They recently undertook a significant project to establish a manufacturing facility in Franklin, MA. To ensure the success of this endeavor, EMC collaborated with J.C. Higgins Co., a reputable Boston-based piping contractor, and enlisted the expertise of Carpenter and Paterson (C&P).


Project Collaboration:

C&P and J.C. Higgins joined forces to design, fabricate, and install more than 300 supports for large and small bore piping within EMC's manufacturing facility. The collaborative efforts spanned a period of 10 months, resulting in the completion of the project ahead of schedule. This achievement can be attributed to the exceptional welding coordination between C&P and J.C. Higgins, which played a crucial role in enabling EMC Corp. to commence production on time.

The Support We Provided

C&P's Contribution:

C&P's facility in Donora, PA played a pivotal role in the project by fabricating channel assemblies with specialized welded guides designed for insulated piping. These assemblies were then delivered to the job site for seamless installation. In total, C&P supplied supports for over 1,400 feet of 30-inch pipe and 2,100 feet of 24-inch pipe, including condenser water supply supports.


EMC Corp. witnessed remarkable outcomes through their collaboration with Carpenter and Paterson (C&P) and J.C. Higgins Co. for their manufacturing facility project in Franklin, MA. C&P and J.C. Higgins successfully designed, fabricated, and installed over 300 supports for large and small bore piping, completing the project ahead of schedule. This allowed EMC Corp. to open their facility for production on time. C&P's expertise, along with J.C. Higgins' contributions, played a vital role in achieving this successful outcome.

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