Our Bergen/Carpenter & Paterson facility in Waggaman, Louisiana has completed the addition of a new pre-insulated support section for both high and low-temperature applications. This added production capability increases our ability to service a full range of insulated support requirements on projects requiring High-Density Polyurethane Foam (HD PUF) as well as Calcium-Silicate (Cal-Sil). HD PUF can be used for temperatures ranging lower than -256 degrees Fahrenheit up to +284 degrees Fahrenheit. Density ranges are 10, 14, 20, 30 lbs / cu ft. The 14 and 20-lb parts are color coded with dye for easy identification. Cal-Sil, thermal insulation for High-Temperature is typically used in applications where higher temperatures exist and can function at temperatures up to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit. The pre-insulated support range also includes our ability to supply densified woods and glass-reinforced composites for heavier load applications.

The infrastructure put in place include an electrical upgrade from 400 amps of service to 1200 amps. High-pressure polyurethane machine (chiller included) with an output of 1000 grams per minute of product. The insulated support shop has (3) machines for cutting or profiling shapes. Our profile saw has a tall and deep cutting area (50” vertical and 50” radial clearance) and can support a part up to 500 lbs. This saw is used to profile shapes in polyurethane as well as fire temp board used in calcium silicate supports. A router table is also used for shaping parts. The router table can be used to shape a diameter 3 1/2” on down or for slots in urethane. An additional saw is used to make straight cuts and can support 800 lb. of work pieces. This saw has a large table mounted on rails. All cutting equipment is set up to accommodate a dust collection system. To further improve the air quality a cut room was installed to house the equipment. This room has a ventilation system to remove particles from the air. A container was purchased and renovated to establish a controlled environment for raw materials used in the PUF operation. Another infrastructure related to safety was installed.

Our insulation shop has a shower/ eye wash combo with a large-capacity hot water heater capable of providing 23 gallons of water at a controlled temperature (95 degrees) for 15 minutes straight.

To enhance our commitment to producing a high-quality insulated product, two weeks were spent in Thailand at the PSA 2 facility to train with this established plant on operations, quality, and packaging. We had a polyurethane specialist assist in the training of personnel in blending polyurethane densities. This specialist spent two weeks in the Waggaman shop and also supplies products to PSA 2. In addition, we hired a technician with over 35 years of experience in polyurethane to assist in the setup of the high-pressure PUF machine and help train our maintenance crew and operators. Accurate scales were purchased to measure product mixes on the shop floor and to measure test samples in a controlled environment. These scales are to ensure the product was produced at the proper density. Further testing is available from one of our raw material suppliers which include compression testing.We have already begun producing orders and look forward to increasing production.